Shinano Golf Club


Located just to the north of Nagano City, the Shinano Golf Club is one of the finest in the region.

Friendly staff will take your clubs off you on arrival and get you set up on a cart. Check in is easy with a large locker room to store your gear.

For warming up you can have a few drives on the netted range (100yen for 12 balls), practice your chipping and then head to the putting green. Or if your golf style doesn’t require too much practice you can head to the restaurant / bar and have a snack or drink.

On to the course itself, well, it has a lot of water. Many holes have a pond off to the side and the signature par 5 8th hole has 2 ponds smack bang in the middle of the fairway. Your first shop will hopefully clear the first, and your 2nd the 2nd pond setting you up for a short chip into the green.

There are also 5 sets of tees per hole, with the championship tees offering one of the longest rounds in Nagano.

Carts are automatic with GPS navigation and distance to the holes, and come with a remote control so you can call it up if needed. The run on a magnetic course, so no need to steer the cart.

The course is cut out of the forest, so there are a lot of trees on both sides of most holes, making playing straight the key. Not overly hilly, the course is easy to walk around.

Unlike other courses of this level, there are not snack shacks during the round, so make sure you have some coins in your bag so you can buy drinks at the vending machines at the start of the 6th and 14th holes.

Lunch is included with most rounds (with a free drink thrown in as well), and the quality of the food is good.

After the round the shower room and bath house are great for feeling refreshed.

All in all, a great day out.

基本資訊18 holes /par 72
球僮Yes / Must be arranged in advance
果嶺費(平日)Approx 11,000yen per person incl 1 drink and lunch
果嶺費(週末)Approx 17,000yen per person



Champion Tee4675021924154021974105173544536152115184474241633563867,029
Back Tee4454891773953851813965043424366001965024264081463563696,753
Regular Tee4224701633803541613754863194195841694903983811263363406,373
Senior Tee3924471423603231283314703193864891474723393391103393085,838
Ladies Tee33333710829132398331377255327489121415339339912873085,169