Wining and Dining

Japan has an amazing range of cuisine on offer. But often it is hard to find the best offerings as they are well hidden. We can assist you in finding the right meal for your group, at the right price. We’ve handled surprises, birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, and even a proposal or two.

Below are just some of our favorite Japanese Meals. But we can also arrange western fare or even fast food if you like.


Kaiseki is the ultimate Japanese cuisine. It consists of many small dishes, carefully arranged by the chef using seasonal ingredients, and presented immaculately.


Although widely available around the world, Japan is the home of sushi. You won’t find many California rolls here.

While there are many conveyor belt sushi restaurants around, there are also many where you order directly from the chef and he makes it in front of you. The Japan sea coast has some of the best fresh fish in Japan, and is a must for our Toyama and Niigata guests.


It’s not all seafood, grill your own Japanese Wagyu beef over hot coals and then dip in the yakiniku sauce. A favorite of ours and most people visiting Japan


Continuing on with the meat theme, Teppanyaki is also another great Japanese traditional dish. Forget the theatrics you see overseas, this is all about the food. Unlike Yakiniku above, a master chef cooks this for you.

Mouthwatering Wagyu steaks, and fresh seafood are the main ingredients.


A hot pot dish, sukiyaki is cooked in a large “nabe” pot. The meat is sliced super thin, and only takes a few seconds to cook. After dipping in raw egg, this dish will blow you away.

Usually serves with tofu, mushrooms and other green vegetables.


Each region in Japan has local delicacies, and in our area, the do soba well. Soba is buck wheat noodles, hand made on site daily and served either hot or cold。It can be serves as a stand alone dish, or with added extras like tempura (as pictured).

While it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, it is a must try in the Japanese Alps.